Many of today’s modern vehicles are driven for years and the weak economy reflects this all over the United States. A lot of Americans can no longer afford to purchase a new vehicle. Drivers who can afford to purchase a vehicle tend to buy used cars or trucks, and the market is great for it. What makes the used car market so lucrative? Pre-owned vehicles that are maintained can return years of use to their owners. In some cases the vehicles are paid in full and kept running for 10 plus years. This is all possible by proper maintenance and adhering to the recommended service given by automobile manufacturers. There is no secret in keeping a car running for many years and over 500k. Following the maintenance, keeping the vehicle clean, and driving safely are things that keep an old car running like a new car.  You can find all sorts of tips on maintaining a vehicle and how to do the work yourself on line. Here at DitY Auto Repair our staff can assist you in finding the right parts along with keeping the vehicle maintained, while you do the work. You’ll learn a new skill and save money. This week’s spring automotive tips from your Team at Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair, “Where YOU are the Mechanic”. Have a fun and safe spring.



            Vehicle steering can be affected in many ways. Often times the system may have a small leak that is mistaken with an oil leak. As time passes your steering may become more difficult and will fail completely. It’s important to check power steering fluid to ensure proper levels and inspect for leaks. An obvious sign of a leak can be refilling the reservoir more than once a week. A steering wheel that is difficult to turn is also a sign of a failing or leaking steering system. Here at DitY Auto Repair we can have our mechanics inspect your steering system and guide you on how to repair or service it. If you don’t want to work on the vehicle yourself you can have us perform the work for you. This week’s spring automotive tips from your Team at Do-it-Yourself Auto Repair, “Where YOU are the Mechanic”. Have a fun and safe spring. 

            Vehicle tires are the only parts of your vehicle that provide contact with the road. Failure to inspect tires can cost you money, time, and in worst case scenarios accidents. Springtime in Florida brings lots of rain and causes slick roads. So now is the perfect time to inspect, fill, and rotate your vehicle tires. This can be done at DitY Auto Repair by renting a lift or having us complete the service during an oil change. Tires are expensive parts, so maintaining them will extend tread life, fuel mileage, and safety for travel. Make sure to inflate tires with the correct tire pressure and monitor any changes to avoid damaging the tire. If you have any questions stop by DitY Auto Repair where our mechanics can inspect your tires and show you how to do the same. This week’s tips from the Team at Do-it-Yourself (DitY) Auto Repair have a safe and fun spring. 

Spring is here and so is on of the prime times to begin preventive maintenance on your vehicle. DitY Auto Repair has expert mechanics that can assist you in performing auto maintenance or you can rent one of our bays to do the work yourself. Things you can do to better prepare for the spring and to keep your vehicle running properly are: Review owner’s manual and complete the recommended service schedule; Flush your cooling system and refill it with fresh coolant; Check and tighten any loose belts or bolts; Check your tire tread, tire pressure, spare tire condition,  and vehicle alignment; Change your oil and oil filter; Inspect all lights and replace any bulbs that are burned out; Add windshield wiper fluid to the washer reservoir and replace unserviceable wiper blades. This week’s tips from your auto repair and maintenance Team at DitY Auto Repair. Have a safe and fun spring break.  

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