Automobiles require coolant-antifreeze combined with water to keep the engine running cool. As a driver you should know the correct way to mix these liquids to avoid damaging the cooling system of your car or truck. Always try to use distilled water, since it has all impurities removed. Tap water contains many elements that corrode vehicle cooling components prematurely. Coolant should be diluted with water at a 50-50 ratio or as instructed by the manufacturer. Water is used to ensure good heat transfer for the coolant as it runs through the radiator and the antifreeze keeps the mixture from freezing during extreme cold. You should check coolant levels as recommended by your vehicle owner’s manual. Upon inspection if you find that it is low fill the reservoir with the premixed solution until at max level. Here at DitY Auto Repair we check all fluids during vehicle oil changes and can assist DIY customers on how to check fluids. For additional information do an online Google Search using the keyword “coolant”. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a safe and fun summer.

The control arms of a vehicle suspension should be inspected at least once a year for wear and tear. These components are part of the suspension and assist the vehicle with steering, traction, alignment, and ride comfort. Having worn or loose control arm bushings will cause unwanted suspension play, noise, and uneven tire wear. If the part fails it can cause a vehicle accident. Most mechanics can visually inspect these components and give you a quote on the repairs while you wait for an oil change. The bushings are relatively inexpensive and most can be replaced within two hours. Every vehicle is different so make sure to ask your mechanic if the control arms have separate bushings or bushings built into the control arms. This can be a do it your self repair, but sometimes a press may be required. If you have any questions stop by DitY Auto Repair where our friendly staff can guide you on the procedures and assist you with the parts needed. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a great and safe summer.

Brake disc also known as rotors and are part of the vehicle braking system. If you like working on your own vehicles it would be good to do a little research before completing the task. Rotors are metal disc and come pre-packaged with an oily surface and plastic cover. They are placed in a cardboard box for shipping and sales. Once a buyer receives the product it must be removed from these packing materials and prepped for install. This means cleaning the rotors thoroughly to avoid pre-mature wear and tear. They should be cleaned both inside and out with a break cleaner. However, a less expensive and more thorough way to clean the parts can be done via the use of dish soap like Dawn. This soap is less abrasive and breaks down other contaminates besides the oil better than brake cleaner. Once the rotors are cleaned make sure to rise and dry. Then apply the adhesive protector to both your pads and rotors prior to installation. Also try to keep your hands and tools clean to prevent other contaminants from ruining the surface of the rotors prior to installation.  Here at DitY Auto Repair our friendly staff can assist you on a DIY brake job by explaining these steps and more to improve your vehicles brake life. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have safe and fun summer.

Going on a vacation is supposed to be a wonderful experience. However, if you’re planning on taking your car or truck as a means of transportation perform a pre-trip inspection to avoid a vacation breakdown disaster. This will allow you to identify any issues that may cause problems during the trip. You can set-up a check list and order the problems from minor to major. A trip to your local mechanic shop can help you decide what needs to be addressed and the importance of the repairs. Some items could be replaced at a later time, while others may need immediate attention. At a minimum check all your fluids, rotate your tires, check the lights, replace wipers if worn, inspect your spare tire, and make sure you have an emergency break down kit with any tools required to fix a flat or small issue while on the road. This inspection should take about 20 minutes yet can save you a lot of unforeseen trouble. If you are not familiar with automotive inspections a shop like DitY Auto Repair has friendly mechanics and staff that can walk you through the steps. This week’s tips from the Team at DitY Auto Repair have a great summer and stay safe.

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